salelingeries: Model's wholesale lingerie china 'porn film' lingerie show shocks the fashionistas

Model's wholesale lingerie china 'porn film' lingerie show shocks the fashionistas

19 Jun 2017 at 10:27

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When budding designer Valeria Marini asked to show her new lingerie and swimwear collection at the prestigious AltaRoma fashion show last week, the organisers vxccvy001 agreed, but had some reservations.

A buxom model with a television career, Marini is what Italians call a showgirl, so there were concerns that her collection might jar with the ethos of the event. Sure enough, when fashionistas looked in on the rehearsals, they were appalled.

Marini's Seductions show is based on scenes in the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman film Eyes Wide Shut. She had employed director Luca Tommasini to choreograph 18 models wearing, well, not very much. The effect was stunning, but AltaRoma president, Stefano Dominella, was not amused. 'Your show is like a porno film,' he told Marini, threatening to expel her from Rome fashion week.

In a row that has gripped the Italian press, Marini refused to change a single thing and threatened to find another venue.

Neither side has revealed how an agreement came about, but peace was made as the more audacious outfits were covered with fur coats and feathers and the performance toned down.


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