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8 Dec 2017 at 02:54
The IB Diploma Programme looks at the learning process as both challenging and enjoyable. We believe that education should foster creativity Eddie Jackson Jersey , independent thinking, exploration and experimentation, as a lifelong process. Students are encouraged to develop sound ethical values of kindness, respect and integrity that are instilled within a safe and nurturing environment.
The IB Diploma Programme prepares students for success in higher education and life in a global society. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well being of students.

Why the IB Diploma Programme?
· It increases academic opportunity
· IB students care for more than just results – through creativity, action and service Tarik Cohen Jersey , you learn outside the classroom and develop emotionally, ethically as well as intellectually.
· It encourages you to become a confident and independent learner
· The IBDP encourages critical thinking
· It is an international qualification, with graduates having a global outlook and mindset
· Subjects are not taught in isolation – Theory of knowledge (ToK) classes help you make connections between subjects
· It assesses more than examination techniques

The Extended Essay
The extended essay in the IBDP focuses at training students in independent research. It gives student an opportunity to carry out an in-depth study of a question in any one of the subjects of the programme. The students are trained in high-level research methodology, after which they produce a 4000-word essay on the topic they choose.

Theory of Knowledge
Theory of Knowledge is a one-of-a-kind branch of the IBDP that aims at integrating different academic disciplines. ToK helps students question the very basis of knowledge as they know it. It aims as helping students understand knowledge as a human construct, and to question the validity of what we know, how we know it and why we know it.

Creativity, action and service (CAS)
The CAS programme consists of three areas – creativity Adam Shaheen Jersey , action and social service. The main goal of initiatives in the CAS programme is to stimulate one to think creatively, take action and give something back to society. One of the most crucial aspects of the CAS programme is the service itself, as it provides students not only with an opportunity to do something concrete for the benefit of society, but also provides for a hands-on experience with the realities of some problems that plague our society.

The Shri Ram School is th best school for IB Diploma Programme in Delhi (NCR) India.
The Shri Ram School, Moulsari campus holds the number 1 position ranking amongst schools across the country (as per the latest Education World survey 2013-14), and has been recognized as a leader in education at school level for many years.

The IBDP at The Shri Ram School boasts of an elaborate customized CAS programme, as well as numerous foreign exchange programmes that give it international exposure in the truest sense.
TSRS is one of the top international school in Delhi NCR and Offers International Baccalaureate Programme Mike Ditka Jersey , CISCE Programme, the CBSE Programme, ICSE Programme.
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