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13 Dec 2017 at 09:32

The third is not conducive to China to create a good international image. China in November 2003 to join the World Health Organization signed the "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control." It requires the use of picture warnings of carton newports the harm caused by smoking, the picture at least 50% of the area of ??the front and back of cigarette packs. Our country has not #Trewzcvvbn fully implemented this requirement, Tobacco Discount Store but many other countries have implemented. Half of the area occupied by the Malaysian Chinese cigarettes sold in packaging is lung cancer, throat cancer, bad feet, deformed babies and so appalling color Cigarettes Free Shipping photos. The photo next impressively big book "Chinese" word, seriously damaged the image of China and the Chinese nation. Political symbol, national title for export overseas carton of cigarettes newport red 100s brand, will have a negative impact. November 22, 2008, the third meeting of the Parties to the World Health Organization in South Africa at the "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control", the Chinese had a "dirty ashtray award" (Dirty Ashtray Award). This award by the conference more than two hundred NGO representatives voted for tobacco control is not active countries specially awarded. Fourth, the Chinese tobacco industry is not conducive to long-term brand value. "People's Republic of China Trademark Law" Article X: The following signs shall not be used as trademarks :-( a) the same or similar name with the People's Republic of carton of cigarettes wholesale China national flag, national emblem, national anthem, flag, insignia, military songs, decoration, etc. and with the name of the central state organs, logo, name or landmark name of the location of a particular location, the same graphics; (vii) deceptive, easy to make public information on the quality and other characteristics or cause misidentification of origin. Internet era Earth "village" and the image of "Zhonghua" cigarettes exported to necessarily affect the domestic market, tobacco companies have to bear the long run related "harm the image of the country and nation," the infamy. Therefore, in order to maintain good international image of carton of marlboro 100s the country and the nation a new era, it is recommended: 1, set up a "National Committee named" Confucius say: "name is not correct, the words ring true words ring true, then nothing will be accomplished.." The current complicated international situation, dealing with international affairs "birthright" is very important. Referring to Israel's suggestion of bulk price marlboro the formation of the "Government Names Committee" set up "National Nomenclature Committee" at the central level, the Commission set up under the State Council, directly accountable to the National People's Congress. "State Nomenclature Committee" set up an office, the Propaganda Department, Liaison Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, the Taiwan Affairs Office, Hong Kong and Macao, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Ministry Cheap Cigarettes For Sale of buy a carton of marlboro cigarettes Culture, Business Administration, Ethnic Affairs Commission, Bureau of Religious Affairs and other functions of the Party and government departments into the office. In civil and Oceanic Administration and other ministries and agencies, as well as the local committees to establish a good international image, permanent diplomatic, cultural, ethnic, religious expert consultation naming battle, and the ability to guide and coordinate Tax Free Tobacco the diplomatic, Ordering Tobacco Online military, propaganda, provincial and municipal agencies to ensure buy a case of newport cigarettes that they can cooperate with each other in the name of war, and smooth communication.



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